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First Call Board of Directors Names Susan Whitmore President & CEO

First Call Completes Families First Capital Campaign

Help for Family Members Impacted by a Loved One's Substance Use


In the News

Molly talks to Fox 4 News about help for family members impacted by a loved one's use.

Molly discusses First Call Technologies and the importance of electronic health records in measuring outcomes and fundraising.

Molly is interviewed on KCUR's Central Standard for a story about the rise in death rates for white, middle-aged Americans and how suicide, alcohol and other drugs are contributing to the problem.

Susan Whitmore and Megan McKamy talk to Action 41 News about the overdose/death rates quadrupling for Kansas youth.

Photos from the 5th Annual Celebration Evening: A Night of Recovery & Hope with Laurie Dhue.

When substance use creates a crisis, First Call is there for NEJC families.

Fox 4 News interviews Molly O'Neill about a new study on increased marijuana use and abuse rates.

Molly O'Neill and Megan McKamy talk about prescription drug abuse.

Laurie Dhue, keynote speaker for First Call's Celebration Evening, is interviewed on Kansas City Live.

First Call's VP of Programs Michelle Comtois talks about a career in clinical social work.

Molly O'Neill talks about what doctors can do to help patients they suspect are drug seeking (pgs 3 and 4)

Susan Whitmore shares about what she has learned planning a fundraising event

From a life of crime and addiction to becoming a Rabbi, Mark Borovitz's story

Rabbi brings message of hope to First Call community luncheon

Molly O'Neill talks about educating teenagers about the dangers of underage alcohol and other drug use

Molly O'Neill talks about best practices for succession planning for a behavioral health organization

Molly O'Neill talks about the difference between drug/alcohol abuse and dependence on 41 Action News

Molly O'Neill talks to the Kansas City Star about the dearth of referrals to drug treatment programs by employers

First Call Board Member Lena Price interview with KCTV 5 about growing heroin addction rates in Kansas City

Molly O'Neill interview with KCTV 5 about new wax form of marijuana

Soren Petro of The Program on WHB 810 Sports Radio interviews Kim Anderson, coach of the Mizzou Men's Basketball team and Honorary Chair of First Call's Celebration Event.

Soren Petro of The Program on WHB 810 Sports Radio interviews Chris Herren, Keynote Speaker for First Call's Celebration Event, being held on September 16, 2014.

First Call's Susan Whitmore talks about recovery and her poetry on KCUR.

Chris Herren, speaker at First Call's 2014 Celebration Event, runs Boston Marathon in the name of addiction recovery.

Kennedy Cousins Open Up About Addiction