First Call Overview

First Call provides clinical, educational and prevention services to individuals and families in the Greater Kansas City area impacted by alcohol and drug addiction.
The agency also operates a 24-hour, seven days a week crisis call hotline (816-361-5900).
Founded in 1958, First Call is a key catalyst for building capacity among 400+ Greater Kansas City area substance abuse, health care, behavioral health and support providers.

First Call Mission

It is the mission of First Call to reduce the impact
of alcohol, drugs and addiction by providing
quality resources to individuals, families and
the community.

I Know Somebody

Our Team

816-800-8045 | Since joining First Call in 2010, Susan Whitmore has been
816-800-8043  | Michelle has provided counseling and education services
816-800-8054 | Maggie St. John has been working in the Healthcare
816-800-8052  | Emily Hage is the Director of Quality Assurance at First
816-800-8060  | Liz Gilbert has been working in marketing and
816-800-8050 | After graduating with a BS from The Ohio State University,
816-800-8056 | Keith has provided counseling and education services in
816-800-8047 | Megan has been a Family Services Counselor at First Call
816-800-8061 | Megan began her role as Recovery Advocate at First Call in
816-800-8048  | Suzanne received her Bachelor's degree in Social Welfare
816-800-8057 |
816-800-8040 | Deborah has been with First Call since May of 2004 as the
816-800-8058  | Margaux began working with First Call in August of 2015,
816-800-8049  | Erin Bopp joined First Call as a Prevention Specialist,
816-800-8046  | As Community Outreach Specialist, Michelle markets First
816-800-8064  | Darren Faulkner has over 20 years of professional work
816-800-8053 | Ryan is a graduate of Baker University with a Bachelor'
816-800-8041 | Melissa is a graduate of the University of North Texas with